PROJECTS by our Country Representatives

Nigeria :

Thomas Dondoh 

Sustainable trans-environment international foundation and DevTrain CEDI: 


1. Building of Eco-toilets using plastics at LGEA primary School Achusa, Makurdi, Benue State.


2. Planting of trees in some selected schools in Benue state.


3.Holding seminar talks in some selected schools in Niger state, giving information on the relationship of Forest and its impact on climate change.


Sierra Leone :

Roy Robinson 

To complement Government efforts to reach communities regarding good preventive measures against the coronavirus, Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASD Africa Sierra Leone Chapter embarked on a two-day community awareness raising campaign in three communities.


The Portee Community, Waterloo Community, and the Calaba town Community.


US :

Doreen Williams 

Annual Youth International Energy & Environment Program (YIEEP)


The World's Largest Lesson brings Global Goals to children all over the world and unites them in taking action. Since their launch in September 2015, they have reached over 130 countries and impacted over 8 million children each year.






Nepal :

Dibesh Amatya​

There was a problem of unplanned housing in the Capital City of Nepal Kathmandu which was creating social problems.

This project was crucial in enhancing the safety and well-being of our people through acquisition of land. This helped boost accommodation and infrastructure, promising a healthy shelter for Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal's First Online Private Hostel Platform. During COVID-19 Pandemic –We provided free online Doctor Consultations. (CSR)

Hamrohostel joined hands with groups of doctors and started free calls and text service to all for online consultation on COVID-19.

We logged 100 plus calls and texts in two days and more than 1000 plus queries were solved through text and voice calls.



Mali :

Lacami Doucoure 

Youth Forum on Employment and Peace :

Contribute to the employability of young people (women and men) in rural areas by strengthening their capacities in agro-business, entrepreneurship and citizenship education in order to build a peaceful and secure Mali.

Outcome: 60 people incubated and 20% started their own business thanks to this project and 200 youth sensitized on Civics and leadership

What project needs further:

Providing materials to these youth enthusiasts, to boost their productions as some have not started to implement their project due to lack of resources.



Nigeria :

Back to school project is a project where we provide school items to underprivileged children in various communities like books, bags, scholarships, school shoes and water bottle. Many kids are not going to school because they are not able to afford it.

Scholarship Program: We organize free scholarship/sponsorship programmes in various communities in Port Harcourt for nursery, primary and secondary level.

Housing Project; We build houses for the homeless and we also renovate houses for widows, single mothers and less privileged families.

Free Medical Outreach Project; We also provide free medical outreach for various communities in Port Harcourt, where free tests have been given and free medicines provided to the less privileged families and children.



Madhulika Handoo

Delhi Dance Fever is a community organisation initiated by Twissha Cultural educational society.


Here we provide a platform for artists to grow and collaborate. We organize numerous dance events in Delhi and intend to create social awareness through the medium of dance. We have also worked on multiple social issues ranging from LGBTQ rights awareness to environmental preservation.

Through Aawaaz Education Services many needs of the youths were met. It is an educational organisation working to provide holistic learning solutions to schools across India. 



Zimbabwe :

Jussa Nhari 

MAYA donated 100 trees and shrubs which were planted at Murahwa Hills Primary School. This event marked the genesis of MAYA‘s strategic Green and Reforestation Project aimed at planting 5000 trees in the following 12 months in Mutare and other parts of Manicaland. 

Manica Youth Assembly facilitated a community education and public awareness programme on environmentalism. As a progressive and vibrant youth movement, MAYA raises awareness on the need to educate both young and old on the need for sustainable development and in particular on the importance of all things green.

Manica Youth Assembly held a tree planting event in partnership with Matika Primary School in the Dora area of Mutare to help curb the problem of deforestation especially due to a high demand for firewood from nearby Mutare City.


Nigeria :
Richard Obioma

Africa Climate Transformation Foundation (ACTfoundation) is an organization that promotes United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14.


We organize Ocean Cleanups, which help with educating and advocating for community participation in mitigating against plastic pollution.


Our vision is to inspire young people to take the right action and attitude towards the marine environment.




Democratic Republic of Congo :
Patrick Mayamba

Project « education which makes everything possible », the project was to unite young people from all groups mostly those from remote areas to connect them with organizations and authorities to enable them to attend classes and attain diplomas.


This project gave birth to the organization “future starts now” which gathers youth from different fields to seek sustainable solutions for community issues. The organization empowers more than 100 young people by providing them advice, skills and continuous help together for the benefit of the community.


We trained trainers to enhance new generation for our youth’s education and engagement for the new target which is development. Now we seek for funds to help orphans, students whose parents lost jobs due to the outbreak of coronavirus and to also create jobs so the young professionals can find employment.



Nigeria :
Habila Muhammad

The project ABC is a concept designed to promote, educate and create awareness to our teeming youths in the promotion of socio-economic and socio-political development and entrenchment of peaceful co-existence in the society.

It is an approach to ensure the youths are re-directed into productive venture and address the challenges of Insecurity, Unemployment, Communal Clashes, Religious and Political Crises, Thuggery, Prostitution, Ignorant Followership, Restiveness, Redundancy and other social vices disrupting the peace and tranquility in our Society.


The objective of the proposal is : Inculcating the Youth value of patriotism, Integrity, Honesty, Positive Work Ethics, Respect for Elders and constituted authority. To enhance Unity, Peace and Progress in the Society To Advocate on the need for Entrepreneurship skill development. To re-direct the minds of the Youth into Productive Ventures To advocate on the need to see Agriculture as a Business or Career. We were able to help Youths and Women, and the Communities.



Democratic Republic of Congo :
Bernard Lutete

The Save the Climate has been supported by the Visibility project of CBR+ ( Community Based of REDD+ / Communauté de base de REDD+).

This project aimed to share news, outcomes, impacts, results, realizations, and success of the UN REDD+ projects founded many years ago in rural communities located in its provinces of : Kongo Central, Kinshasa, Kwango, and EX. Equateur.

The projects are based around the work of forest regeneration and agroforestry undertaken by some communities of REDD+ in partnership with some of the local Non-Governmental Organizations. 

The Visibility Team of Save the Climat has also participated to the International City and CSO Summit at Istanbul, Turkey, organized under the auspices of the Turkish Presidency and Esenler Municipality.



Bangladesh :
Ayesha Akhter

World Youth Army is a volunteering organization. We started our journey during Covid-19 pandemic. Because of Covid-19 educational institutes have been closed since March 2020. Bangladesh is a developing country and is not fully technology equipped. Students are the future of our country, thus, World Youth Army launched a project to distribute educational materials to those students who can’t afford them now because of lockdown. Family income has stopped. Students are in need of educational materials.

Also, we are delivering necessary food items to poor helpless people. Till now, we have distributed relief to 500+ families from 14 Districts of Bangladesh. We encourage people to raise awareness by posting stories of hunger and poverty in their communities.

We helped many students and teachers who were unable to get access to resources for relief. Our volunteers also do groundwork by going door to door and collecting data from poverty stricken families to see where more concentration of assistance is required. Our vision is to erase poverty and hunger.

Our next vision is to work with Youths to enhance their social responsibilities.



Pakistan :
Noman Ali

"Life is all about Personal Growth, Giving Back and Celebrating. Create yourself, don't play yourself" 

Grow, Give, Celebrate is a platform that collaborates with young minds from different backgrounds who look forward to not only share their remarkable journeys but also provide a helping hand to those seeking growth. GGC collaborates with various different organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to carry out 1) Charity events that includes football/marathons, 2) Workshops to educate and guide youths on Leadership, Public Speaking, Social Issues and Digital skills 3) Seminars on Refugee Crises and Campaign Designing.

We believe that success for any cause can only be possible if one is equipped with the proper mindset and attitude for it. 

We want GROW, GIVE, CELEBRATE to be the means for a collective society by aiding through provision of our expertise. We at GGC won't leave anyone behind. The moment people realize that humanity involves being human, our race shall grow together, give back together and celebrate together!



Philippines :
Reid Allen Ugsang

i-Inspire PH was formally organized through the collaborative effort of student leaders and educators to address the growing concern over the erosion of values among Filipino youth, aiming to build impacts by empowering them through holistic education.


It initiates to equip the youth with experiential learning in becoming catalysts of change in addressing problems in their most passionate chosen sectors through the conduct of youth innovation and sustainability conferences, leadership and skills development training and workshops that will result in campus and community impact.


The core values of Connection, Collaboration, and Commitment serve as the guiding principles of the organization as it continues to expand its social network in different educational institutions in the Philippines. The National Christian Life College and Maranatha Christian Academy are the two primary institutional partners of i-Inspire PH.



Nigeria :

Ochai Thankgod

The desire to build a better society was conceived and the passion was birthed into the project : Ekiti State Integrity Education Advocacy School Tour with the focus on promoting awareness on integrity and right morals in children and youth in Ekiti State, Nigeria.


Our project was targeted mainly towards children and youths because we strongly believe it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. We are glad to say many young people in Ekiti State, Nigeria are now declaring for Anti-corruption despite the wide perception that ‘anything goes’ in the country.



Bangladesh :
Mizanur Rahman

BIJOY Foundation arranges different types of events for vulnerable peoples to achieve food security and promote the human capital formation for advancing well-being.

We hosted many events to provide cooked food to the people from slums of Dhaka. 

We also hosted many events to distribute other essentials such as clothes so that slum dwellers meet basic hygiene and understand about its importance.

Additionally, education is also provided to help school goers of primary school standard so that they can meet basic education levels. Their parents are hard laborers and cannot afford much.



Nigeria :

Ayotunde Adisa

We understood that there was a problem in the community and we wanted to reach out to help the girls and women. The project was initiated to educate these females.

Informational content was shared with the community females on the realities of sexual assault and safety precautions to prevent them from being a victim.


Aside from Sex Education, the community also benefited from learning about Career progress and took part in group discussions encouraging unity.



Nepal :
Prakriti GC

Project “Dream: No homeless people in Nepal by 2024”.

This organization is founded in Nepal and its objective is to provide shelter, clothes and food to homeless people of Nepal. We volunteer at nights, where we take homeless people to homeless shelters we built and we take care of them by providing basic needs. The main focus of this project is, no one should die of lack of food and shelter in Nepal. The project have branches in 15 districts of Nepal.

We also renovated a pre-school from a village of Aurangabaad with the presence of volunteers from three countries; Nepal, India and Denmark. The project contributed for better education and helped children learn in English about their basic needs.



India :

Akash Harale

Swyambhu Youth Foundation:
We Provide all Educational Materials to Children of Orphanages and cultivate their interest in Sports And Performing Arts.

Nearly 250 Children’s are part of the Educational Project “ Relation of Blood “. This is a Blood Donation Camp to Avoid the Shortage of blood in Public Hospitals and we have collected 2500 blood Bags and provided free Blood Bags to almost 1000 Patients up to date.


Assistance is also provided to 'Young Mind for Innovation' in their schools and college competitions.


Heritage and places of worship are also cleaned and sanitized under the Project “Swachata Doot “.



Zimbabwe :

Casper Mutumbami

Kariba Town Integrated Solid Waste Management for Environmental Protection and Climate Change Mitigation

- Community picking litter on shored of Lake Kariba

Community volunteers picking of litter once a week in their neighbourhood and along the lakeshore abutting to their settlement.

The community volunteers also participate in recycling of waste such as paper, plastics, beverage cans, bottles for selling to manufacturers and composting of organic waste to produce fertilizer. This does not only bring income to the members but is also an environmental and climate protection projection.

- Kariba Town Local Schools Environment Quizzes

We make learning about climate change and the environment fun in schools by including the young through competitions and hands on learning. School children in Environmental clubs are assisted to access educational and awareness content. They are exposed to practical environmental issues in society. Environmental quizzes are organised and winners get prizes.



Mali :

Badra Doumbia

"72 Chrono: The Tools to Succeed Your Project" was held in Bamako/ Torokorobougou, organized by the IRCP Institute des Relations Culturelles et Politiques. The aim was to enable participants to formulate and conceptualize an idea for a company they want to set up. This free training brought together a predominantly female mixed group that benefited from in-depth knowledge of the Business Model Canvas, Digital Marketing and personal development. They shared experiences especially with participants who were mostly beginners. The trainers were experts in the field of entrepreneurship. During the 2 days, they educated on entrepreneurship skills and participants gained more confidence. This training initiated by the IRCP is part of its objective and action plan, which is to promote the culture of excellence, particularly through the training of young people.



Bangladesh :

Rafikul Islam

BIJOY Foundation utilizes the immense youth potential and energy present in Bangladesh to help the impoverished community. 

It looks to create a better society for the next generation which is free from exploitation, discrimination and violence, and to support the achievement of its highest potential.

Some of the projects conducted were the distribution of school materials, clothes and food to slum children. We also conduct interactive classes for them and invite them to take part in dance and drama. We even host leadership and teamwork training through festivals. We hosted women empowerment workshops such as practical skills in designing clothes and furnitures.

It aims to bring about substantial improvement in the lives of disadvantaged people with emphasis on their literacy and nourishment. Specially it focuses SDG goals 3 (Good health and well-being), 4 (Quality education) and 11 (Sustainable cities and Communities).



Bhutan :

Sudesh Pokhrel

Alternative Sustainable Governance Model in Juxtaposition to the Polar Development through Capitalism -

The project focused on an Alternative Governance/development model of “Gross National Happiness” apart from “Gross Domestic Product” for balancing material and immaterial growth through the adaptation of a ‘Middle Path’ as a mindful route towards development. Middle Path centers around the concept of thought and action where the individual and collective life in the society are linked interdependently.

Our current project endeavours to create inclusive, fair, and sustainable communities by holistically embedding the concept of  “wellbeing”. It encourages us to move from a self-centric to a philanthropic citizen by designing solutions to the world’s most pressing issues through a comprehensive well-being education program. It aims to establish economic empowerment through social connectivity among the Youths.



Liberia :

Elijah Baysah

The Youth Center for Empowerment's (YOCE) aim is to empower youth with the skills of entrepreneurship. This is to motivate the youths to start an initiative or organisation/business of their own.

It is also designed to prepare youths to find an impactful or purposeful career for the future when they start their career paths.

Recently, we organized a three days training for entrepreneurs on how to manage customers and their problems during a crisis.

We held our first career training for high schools students in February 2020 where we trained 100+ high schools students with the skills of career development.

The career training is geared towards helping participants break the cycle of self-defeat orientation, thus allowing them to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.

The goal of the employable skills training is to help participants develop the skills they need to achieve their career objectives. The workshop takes 48 to 52 hours to complete and is taught in four units: (My Goal, My Resources, My Interaction with Resources and My Continued Success).



Gambia :

Omar Nyang

 1. Tree planting: We have implemented tree planting in different communities within our neighborhood. We planted more 1000 plants/crops. This was to encourage regrowth of crops and also to aid the sustainability of the land.


 2. Cleaning Exercise. We embarked on cleaning exercise with students between the age of 14 to 17 and the areas cleaned were the schools and hospitals. We realized that there was a massive issue with hygiene and sanitation and assisted to aid with the situation. Educational institutes should be kept clean as it is where we gain knowledge from and hospitals are susceptible to viruses and bacterias and need to be maintained so the weaker patients do not contract illnesses.


3. With my organization, the National Youth Parliament-The Gambia, we embarked on voter education, it was aimed to create more awareness and how to strengthen democracy in my country. We also took part in the election of our country as election observers.



Bangladesh :

Sarker Tanvir

 The Youth Parliament was established in Bangladesh in 2018 to harness the potential of youth leadership development and to provide opportunities.


Every country in the world is promoting a sustainable society and community development by giving priority to youth skills.


Our plans and actions relate to SDG's Goal-16. The youth of different countries in the world are involved in this platform and representing their nation as a conscious and Active Citizen of the society. The Youth Parliament is an effective system that focuses on the problem, its solution and the possibilities of a constituency. By fulfilling the role of the representative (MP) symbolically, the spirit of leadership development will be created and the youths will learn about their responsibility.



India :

Rajan Thakur

Organisation Name : Volunteer for India
Project 1: We educate the community for dealing and mitigating with various  climate emergency crisis. We have impacted 17000 lives of people through rescuing in various emergency crises by conducting training and workshops. We groom them with Preparedness as this is one of the ways of dealing with the loss of property and life on land. Our vision is to reach out and impact 1 million lives by 2030 through this Disaster management and Preparedness Training and Workshops.

Project 2: Mitigate Covid-19 by raising awareness on practices and safety measure. We launched a programme, Covid-19 Mitigation Campaign which was supported by U.S Consulate General Chennai and Katradi a local NGO who supported us under the Volunteer for India platform to take this action programme. Some topics covered were Stress Management, Self Compassion and Self Resilience, Basics of Covid-19, Health Hygiene, Sanitation and Cleanliness, Good Governance, Identifying fake news and Immunity Boosting. 500 lives were impacted!