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3 good health and well being.JPG
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12 responsible consumption and productio
9 industry innovation and infrastructure
3 good health and well being.JPG
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9 industry innovation and infrastructure
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4 quality education.JPG
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1) Looking for internship opportunities in communications industry within South East Asia.

- Singapore

2) Seeking help with Data Analytics on Migrant Issues in the United States.

- China

3) Needing career guidance and advise with my bachelors in business administration.

- India

4) Looking for 6 online international volunteers to help teach English to children aged 5 to 9 in Bangladesh.

- Australia

5) Seeking help with learning how to do public speaking and building self-confidence.

- Sri Lanka

6) Looking for experts who can advise on aeroponics / hydroponics system implementation for communities.

- Nigeria

7) Looking for import export business professionals looking to import copper for Vietnam.

- Democratic Republic of Congo

13 climate action.JPG
8 decent work and economic growth.JPG

8) Inviting attendees for my online summit 'Sustainability & Climate Change'.

- Climate Advocate Inter-nations, Nepal

9) Looking for local full time social media experts with marketing and branding experience, minimum 6 years experience.

- CEO, Canada

10) Looking to connect with Angel Investors, interested in working with our start up - building online video conferencing platform.

- Founder, Switzerland

11) Looking for global Psychologists and Counsellors with minimum degree to provide therapy online.

- CEO, Singapore

12) Seeking researchers on a thesis for the relationship between diet habits and racism.

- Professor, Dubai

13) Looking to connect with start up experts in South East Asia, willing to work together to branch out my finance company.

- CEO, Malaysia

14) Looking for partners to design translation services that use artificial intelligence. (AI)

- CEO, France

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